Refillable Electronic Cigarette


Refillable Electronic Cigarette review uk

Refillable Electronic Cigarette

 Halo have just launched their new Refillable Electronic Cigarette the newer version of their popular tank kit.

Refillable Electronic Cigarettes are a natural progression for people who have switched over to the e cigarette they allow for easy refilling of the nicotine liquid or e liquid as it is better known ,most Refillable Electronic Cigarettes differ in appearance to the standard types in size and shape but Halo have done a good job in keeping it looking neat and small .

Re-usable electronic cigs

By refilling you can save extra money on your vapeing as well as being convenient it is very simple to do .

The halo kit as usual is of very high quality in build  and the kit comes with everything you need in fact if you priced all the contents separately in the kit it  would come to more than the asking price of this great Refillable Electronic Cigarette pack.

The e liquid (not shown) comes in two 15ml bottle a flavor of your choice one high strength and one medium.

This is dripped into one of the 5 refill cartridges that comes in the kit, and a small drop placed into the atomizer to prime ready for use (the atomizer is the component that vaporizes the nicotine content for smoking)

  Refillable Electronic Cigarette halo tank kitrefillable ecig discount

Refillable Electronic Cigarette for better Vapeing

Vapeing is a term used by more experienced e cigarette smokers and although a pro would probably not entertain the Halo super tank it is still a great starter kit with an even better price tag.

Halo’s Refillable Electronic Cigarette battery’s are of better design then the older version too in the kit you get two 650Mamp power units which are manual and you need to press the button on the unit before inhaling to get the atomizer to do its stuff .

Also in this Electronic Cigarette  kit there are two atomizers.

A few words on atomizers  they don’t last for ever and need to be changed from time to time this you will know if you have ever refilled the disposable cartonmizors ( the refill unit that comes with normal e cigs which is designed to be thrown away after use have the atomizer build into the unit and is not cleanable and may get clogged and therefore fails to atomize properly and also becomes unhygienic)

Putting the Refillable Electronic Cigarette halo tank kit contents together

After charging to battery’s the e liquid is dripped into the refillable cartridges, the atomizer is screwed to the battery and the nicotine filled cartridges pushed onto the atomizer the whole operation takes a few minutes and then you ready to Vape.

  Halo do a wide range of accessory’s for their Refillable Electronic Cigarette super tank and the e liquid is available in 18 variety’s and various strengths making this Refillable Electronic Cigarette halo tank kit contents a good buy

Halo e-liquid

Refillable Electronic Cigarette halo tank kit

Refillable Electronic Cigarette halo tank kit contents

  • 2 x 650 Mamp manual battery
  • 2 atomisers
  • USB charger
  • 5 refillable cartridges
  • 1 15ml bottle Smoker’s Halo high strength e-liquid,
  • 1 15ml bottle Smoker’s Halo medium strength e-liquid
  • choice of eliquid flavours